Alice Rae-Flick

I bring all the threads together as ‘Digital Tutor and Interactive Media Content Manager’

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I bring together these threads:

  • I’m a digital professional who runs an online business (and travelling while doing it)
  • I’m a social media and online business manager
  • I come from a radio background
  • I have teaching experience, including as a thesis advisor and guest speaker for NZBS
  • I’m a NZBS graduate
  • I’m passionate about inspiring and educating graduates who are work-ready
  • I believe marketing is the golden thread connecting traditional media, the digital environment, content creators and consumers
  • I have a great work ethic and not afraid to give things a try

NZBS students need to understand and apply social media in a professional way.

I can help!

You want a tutor who’s engaging, someone students respect and can learn from. But more importantly, has extensive real-world experience. I teach practical skills that bring together traditional media, digital media, and business skills using marketing as the connecting thread, specifically the adage ‘know your audience’. This connection provides credibility, I’m not a millennial after all, but marketing principals don’t change.

I’m confident that with my background and current skills I can help NZBS produce graduates who are professional, highly trained, work ready and battle-tested for the current (and future) media and digital market.

Enjoy your ‘Code Seven.’*

Here’s what some of my clients have said about me:

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* Go watch my video if you haven’t already.