Adobe Acrobat 8: Watch out for Creative Suite Conflicts

24th January 2010
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I help a few people on from time to time, and some are on versions of OS X prior to 10.6 and even 10.5 and use Adobe Software. What I’m finding more and more is that Adobe Acrobat can cause lots of problems, as well as Flash and Shockwave plugins.

Oftentimes Adobe will push out updates that then start causing mysterious issues with their other bits of software.

In this case the person’s Illustrator was refusing to start up and we tried all the font fixes in this post to no avail. He was running 10.4.11, Tiger.

Illustrator was working fine for years and then suddenly stopped loading. So we repaired permissions and fixed his font management, but still no change.

Luckily the person I was helping did some more digging and found the answer:

The new updated of Acrobat 8.2 was causing the conflict. The Fix is at TechNote. InDesign and Illustrator CS or CS2 fail to launch after applying the Mac OS X Acrobat 8.2 update.

After launching either InDesign or Illustrator you see the following:

InDesign gives the following error: “Personalize your software and re-enter the serial”. InDesign or Illustrator, hang at the startup screen when “reading fonts”.

The solution is here.

Thanks to GMC on for this tip (Answer credit:

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