Apple OS X 10.5.7 Update: Is it worth it?

15th May 2009
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MacFixit Describes and Catalogues the Issues

Read this before continuing: Mac Fixit Article

The Apple 10.5.7 Combo Updater is here. But wait…read on before you download it.

I’m baffled that Apple continues to put out sketchy, buggy updates. Even the Combo Updater, the supposed safest of them all, exibits blue screens and permissions issues. Forgive me but this seems very strange to the point of being irresponsible. Why not wait a bit, test the release, and then release it? It seems this workflow has been forgotten.

The Good

If they’ve fixed the Adobe Creative Suite issues then I might be on board. I use Adobe Fireworks CS4 on 10.5.5 and it’s so slow and buggy it’s nearly unusable. One poster on the MacFixit article says:

“All Adobe Creative Suite 4 applications appear to be working perfectly, as does Firefox, Safari, Mail, a host of Twitter apps, Suitcase Fusion 2, Toast Titanium, iWork, etc. The only thing I haven’t really tested is Microsoft Office – but since those apps pretty much ship “broken” to begin with, I suspect I won’t notice much difference.”

The Bad

But further on I see monitor settings can get lost (and blue screens of DEATH) and I’m back to not being impressed:

“Updated my Mac Pro 6 hours ago. Downloaded update OK and ran/installed OK. Only one reboot, BUT the update screwed my screen settings. Both screens (20 inc ACD and HP1702 now just flash between blue and black, sometimes I can see the desktop for a few seconds, Reset PRAM several times, booted into safe mode with exactly the same results. Been on to Apple Support who were about as much use as a chocolate coffee pot.”

MacPro and the MacBook Pro seem to have overlapping issues which tells me either it’s an issue with the different machine motherboards or simply a case of different software being present on each machine causing different symptoms. Either way, still not impressed.

Not for the faint of heart

If you are feeling brave, go for it, but I’d read Apple’s Discussion Forum first. Do I download this update or wait for 10.5.8 or even wait till Snow Leopard comes out? Seems like these days it’s a crapshoot, and I can’t risk losing my work machine or my freelance machine to an update.

Apple, c’mon, can’t you make this choice easier for us plebs?


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