I Like to Mash Words

10th June 2009
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(Photo credit: Simon Lieschke)

I’m fond of playing with words. In fact, one of my superpowers is being able to speak any language (the other is breathing underwater).

For example, with a friend I made up the word, “Lunatism”, which is as it sounds.

Today, a good friend I’ve made on the bus had a slip of the tongue and created one of these words by accident: “Clumbersome” = Clumsy + cumbersome. Brilliant! It was imperative I get this word into my cell phone as quickly as possible, as I usually do to bring stories to life here for you, dear readers reader, so I wouldn’t forget.

This word is pure gold! So I’m going to take this word and run with it. Here goes:

“That idea you just had was clumbersome.”

“The tired cat was so clumbersome when it fell off the fence it landed on its back.”

“I feel clumbersome when I try to get off the bus before it comes to a complete stop; as if I’m on a tiny ship being tossed about.”

There. I feel so much better now. And much less clumbersome.


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