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30th July 2009
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Inspired by the Mashable 100 musicians on Twitter, I’ve started compiling a list of kiwi muso twitterers. Please help me by adding comments to this post. I’ll update it regularly; maybe we can come up with a definitive list. Thanks to @CateOwen who provided most of these:

@mathewbosher Guitarist for @decortica
@whereisnath (Nathan King)
@natobasso (me)
@newzealandmusic New Zealand Music Commission
@simpsonbeck (Riverblind)
@supergibbo (Dave from Elemenop)
@wpmgmt (Manages Family Cactus and other bands)

Real Groove magazine has an even more expanded list including djs and producers.(add yours in the comments)

Go to DubDotDash’s blog for an even more complete list.


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8 thoughts on “Kiwi Musos/New Zealand Musicians on Twitter”

  1. Some known and some obscure

    @supergibbo (Dave from Elemenop)

    @whereisnath (Nathan King)

  2. J. Macbeth Dann, dood, that second one isn't going on this list (gross) but the first one will. Thanks!

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