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28th February 2012
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I’m getting more into infographics. There’s so much data out there it’s difficult to make sense of it, but infographics certainly can help. I wanted to apply this to my CV to make it much more interesting; no more word doc for me!

There is a service called Vizualize Me that takes your LinkedIn profile and makes an infographic out of it, and while I was definitely inspired it, I wanted to do something totally custom and stay up all night getting it done, ha.

This was a great and intense exercise in data presentation. My focus was to highlight my skills and secondary focus was to show my entire work story for the past ten years, in two countries, visually. I love VU meters so utilised that as a theme for the skills infographics.

My other challenge design-wise was to keep this info-rich and professional at the same time, easier said than done. This limitation helped me focus on fonts and structure rather than trying to get too “designy” with it. I wanted the infographic to look like an interface because UI design is what I love to do.

Result below.


Nathaniel Flick

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