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13th February 2012
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I was meeting with my peeps from Stylah last week and we were discussing iphone app opportunities, and more specifically the design process leading to project acceptance. I brought up that paper prototyping is a fast, economical way to show app interaction and functionality. They were skeptical, but enthusiastic.

Stakeholder buy-in is vital to any project going forward, and the dev team doesn’t want to have to build the whole thing, wasting time and effort, in order to get project approval. Paper prototyping + video gets around all this. Just get a cut out of an iphone and print a big piece of paper with your screens on it, then do some stop motion video to show functionality, user story and app flow.

Here’s a wonderful example of what I was talking about. While it reviews a kiosk app, it shows what I mean so well I just have to share:

Ponto i – Paper Prototyping from Felipe Sad on Vimeo.

Click here if the embed doesn’t play.


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