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11th December 2012
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Inspiration. I’m constantly inspired by people doing amazing things in front end web development like Chris Coyier of and Brad Frost of This is Responsive.

Those two websites inspire me because they remind me to stop worrying about all the stuff I don’t have time to start and that don’t matter, and to focus instead on the things right in front of me that when completed, increase my knowledge, speed, and yes, flow.

Get a flow going

Do you ever feel like you can’t get a flow going at work? A friend posted this blog from 37 signals about how their office is run like a library and I think it’s genius.

Like the morning commute, frustrating mainly because it’s a lot of stopping and starting and there’s no rhythm to it, working in today’s open plan offices takes lots and lots of patience because there is precisely no flow.


Isolation can also help, ie. headphones, but just make sure you listen to music that isn’t too verbally intense; this can actually harm productivity because it steals attention. At work, do headphones really help? on the Wall Street Journal website.

CSS flows from bottom to top, right to left, exactly backwards to how we humans read documents but it still flows. Responsive design is all about how content flows to fit the size of its container/viewport; just like water.


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