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14th October 2012
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StumbleUpon beta has a new, Pinteresty design. I hate even mentioning that website that lets you just refashion existing content because StumbleUpon breaks me out of my normal search patterns.

If you’ve never tried it StumbleUpon can show you websites in different verticals/topics at what seems to be complete random. I’ve learned about China, web design, and ancient technology without even knowing I wanted to. And that’s the beauty of it.

Check out the new beta here and pay special attention to the DNA feature.

From a usability standpoint, the orange StumbleUpon button is still the same, even though the logo has recently be redesigned, and it’s just click this button and see what happens. It doesn’t get more intriguing than that.

That’s it. Fill your boots.

I know I always search for the same things and StumbleUpon gets me out of that rut. An app that helps you break out of your own box is priceless. Give it a try, do you like the new redesign?


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One thought on “StumbleUpon and Pinterest”

  1. Fabulous…..have just spent the last 2 hours on Stumble! Have to drag myself away as I have to be up in 4 hours!

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