5 reasons why Newsmap.jp is still the bomb

4th August 2012
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There’s more than one way to get your news

There are websites and apps out there a plenty that show you news. Flipboard is a great example of news taken to its logical conclusion. But before it came Newsmap.jp and it’s still around – and I love it!

I keep coming back to Newsmap because of its usability

I still love newsmap.jp even though it’s in flash – but it’s a fantastic and quick news reader. Here’s some other reasons why I love it:

  1. The latest news stories are largest
  2. Categories are color coded and selectable
  3. Categories can be mixed and matched
  4. Countries are selectable for a deeper or more focused news feed
  5. You can login and customise your news feed

I forget about it for a while then always come back to it because it’s quickly functional. The only drawback I can see with it is the smaller news items are nearly impossible to see, but this actually focuses you on the most pertinent, current stories. The only better site I like for news is the Los Angeles Times.

I love newsmap.jp also because it uses the concept of the Golden Mean which is found in nature everywhere you look:

And this just in: Pulse.me has taken a very similar approach.

The Golden Mean


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