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14th July 2012
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WPAudio plugin WordPress wp-admin screenshot

The perfect on-page mp3 player plugin

I’ve found it! It’s called WPAudio. The plugin’s author is a cheeky bugger, but I like that. Here’s his description of his plugin:

All the other WordPress audio players were crappy or ugly so I made a better one.

Deactivate that lame Flash player and install a plugin that makes you proud to embed mp3s. WPaudio installs in seconds, looks great, and uses simple tags… all without bulky files or affecting page load times.

I was looking for a quick, easy and non-resource hungry way to play mp3 tracks on page (yes SoundCloud rocks, but it hosts files remotely, this plugin doesn’t require a login or connection to that website).

WPAudio benefits

The plugin uses HTML5 to render the simple player with play button and progress bar, expandable when you want more control. This means it works on mobile devices and degrades gracefully in, ahem, less interesting browsers.

No SEO link juice is hidden within a Flash player it’s read by any search engine as html, the same as any other hyperlink. Once the WPAudio plugin is installed and activated, any mp3 link on any page on your site becomes playable on that page but you can also selectively apply the plugin to links using the “wp-audio” css class on each one.

The player has basic styling options available. You can style link color, progress bar color and background player color, and with a bit of html/css styling you can make your own classy little player, though the plugin’s creator offers customisation on request if you don’t have the time or inclination for diy.

I highly recommend this plugin, it just works.

Note: If you are running wordpress 3.3.0 or higher, you’ll need this fix to get the plugin working again.


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