Adobe Dreamweaver Failed to Install – Fix

31st August 2009
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Problem: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Install Failure
Fix: Uninstall all Adobe applications and reinstall them. What?!

I replied to a support ticket on regarding an issue installing Dreamweaver, but I’ve seen this happen with other apps such as Flash and Flash plugins for Safari and Firefox so I thought I’d share it.

The fix was simple, but tedious. Here’s the user’s conclusion after we went though deleting .pref and .plist files and managing fonts (to eliminate those as an issue):

“Finally got a fix. The ONLY thing apparently not tried was to delete ALL adobe related ANYTHING from the machine, reboot into safe mode, and viola the install worked. Oh- there was a strong recommendation to pick international English as the language. After CS4 was working, re-installed reader and AIR.”

Thanks for your time and help. This was a wacko one. You were spot on deleting the .plist and .pref files – this seemed necessary as part of the application removal – we just didn’t go far enough!

So it seems if you have an issue installing an Adobe app, especially if you’ve first downloaded the demo versions of software, you need to remove all traces of Adobe’s apps and start fresh.

This, however, is not a fix. I wonder what Adobe is doing to remedy this sad state of affairs? It’s now time for Adobe to remove app bloat and get this under control. We shouldn’t have to go through these steps just to make one application install correctly.

I can only hope CS5 is redeveloped from the ground up.


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