Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Info – 10.6.1 UPDATE

31st August 2009
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I haven’t bought it myself, but I’ve been following it on the web and on Twitter and I’ve decided to post the important links I’ve found in the hopes it helps someone else. As to whether to upgrade now or later, I always wait for the early adopters to find all the issues for me, then upgrade when the 1st or 2nd update comes out.

Big points to keep in mind:

1. Not all printers or peripherals work in 10.6. 10.6 automatically installs new device drivers, if available. Contact the manufacturer if your driver(s) are missing

2. 10.6 creats a “Incompatible Applications” folder for any apps it knows aren’t compatible. If an app is missing, chances are it’s been moved here

3. 10.6 does not run on PPC based machines.

4. Apple has dropped support for PPC-based apps, though they will still run in Rosetta. Make sure Rosetta is still installed before and after you load 10.6. (see comment below from @segdeha).

I’m going to link to my friend Keri Henare’s blog regarding his experience installing Snow Leopard Server as soon as he posts (should be this week).

Feel free to add more links in the comments and I’ll add them to this list:

Apple Support page discusses 10.6.1 Update (thanks @oharris69)

Installing PostgreSQL on Snow Leopard 10.6

Snow Leopard Application Compatibility Wiki Apple’s Snow Leopard page Snow Leopard Audio Device Compatibility List Snow Leopard, Initial Impressions and Review How to prepare for Snow Leopard Printers need to be added again after 10.6 installation Update your disk utilities (non-native) to 10.6 versions Apple Releases ODBC and Server Administrator tools for Snow Leopard Snow Leopard Coverage My Snow Leopard casualties: what’s not working in 10.6 No AppleTalk in Snow Leopard AppleTalk is no more Server Admin Tools (info and download)


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4 thoughts on “Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Info – 10.6.1 UPDATE”

  1. Hey Nathaniel. I just installed Snow Leopard. Went off without a hitch. A friend warned me that I wouldn't be able to save JPGs using Photoshop, but that might be a CS4 problem. I'm running CS3 and was able to save one. Are you certain that PPC apps don't run? I got the option to install Rosetta (the PPC emulator) under the "Customize" menu and chose it. The only app I run that's not Intel-native is Show Desktop, a little menu bar app, but one that I use 100 times a day. Installation for me (erase disk, repair disk, install, restore files from Time Machine) took just over 2 hours total. Things seem a bit more snappy, but that may be attributable to the cruft I shed by erasing first as much as improvements in the OS itself. One thing have noticed is that I don't appear to have the same color profiles in place now. I just went into Displays and tried to change them and it didn't work. So, I guess that qualifies as a hitch. Not too shabby for a major point version upgrade!

  2. The main problem I had with Photoshop CS4 was the couple of crashes when selecting the text tool first time. But that seems to have even stopped now.

    My main tools PhotoshopCS4 and Lightbox 2 work fine, as does the rest of my CS3 package.

    The best bit for me using image files all day every day has been the finder tweak allowing icon previews of movie files and the ubber large image icons – long long over due.

    I've noticed a speed increase in most areas, I LOVE the new QuickTime interface and recording capabilities.

    But most of all it's give me back 15Gb of hard drive – thats no mean feat.

    I have lost the use of my fav screensaver FlipClock, that's sad.

    I'll get back if I do have any issues though

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