Apple Preview Adds Great Batch Features (and more)

20th August 2009
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[edit: 26/8/09 – Preview gets even more cool features with Snow Leopard 10.6 to be released in two days.]

Have you ever received a pile of images and wondered how to manage them? Has anyone ever asked you, can you update a bunch of images and send them to me in one file? Are there times you want to create a quick presentation of images without having to open Photoshop or Powerpoint?

As an Interaction Designer I am constantly managing small and large groups of images in order to present concepts for web applications and websites, and I’ve found a great app that covers 80% of my image needs.

Apple’s Preview application fits the bill! Read about all the great new features in Preview at

I use Preview to do the following:

  1. Open PDF files to view, purely for the interface advantage, and to annotate them
  2. Open and review groups of images
  3. Open groups of images and save them as a PDF file in order to quickly send them and/or print them
  4. Perform simple edits so I don’t have to open Photoshop
  5. Batch edit a group of images or pages in a PDF (see item #5 in the link above)

What do you use it for?


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