UX Book Club Event – Hosted at Horse and Trap 10 Sept 2009

23rd August 2009
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Calling all interaction designers, user experience architects, product designers, web designers – The @uxbookclub is having a get together, brought to you by UPA (NZ), UX Book Club Auckland, IxDA.org, and Orion Health.

UX Book Club seeks to bring all IxD and UX professionals together in one place, to combine forces to bring more engaging content and speakers to Auckland. Please add this event to your Google Calendar or sign up at UX Book Club Auckland (click the link above to go directly to their website).

UX Book Club September 2009 Meeting

[edit 10/9/09 CHANGE OF VENUE] Horse & Trap, 3 Enfield Street, Mt EDEN, Auckland

10 September 2009, 6pm

Paco Underhill’s “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping”

(Amazon.com review)

“In an effort to determine why people buy, Paco Underhill and his detailed-oriented band of retail researchers have camped out in stores over the course of 20 years, dedicating their lives to the “science of shopping.” Armed with an array of video equipment, store maps, and customer-profile sheets, Underhill and his consulting firm, Envirosell, have observed over 900 aspects of interaction between shopper and store. They’ve discovered that men who take jeans into fitting rooms are more likely to buy than females (65 percent vs. 25 percent). They’ve learned how the “butt-brush factor” (bumped from behind, shoppers become irritated and move elsewhere) makes women avoid narrow aisles. They’ve quantified the importance of shopping baskets; contact between employees and shoppers; the “transition zone” (the area just inside the store’s entrance); and “circulation patterns” (how shoppers move throughout a store). And they’ve explored the relationship between a customer’s amenability and profitability, learning how good stores capitalize on a shopper’s unspoken inclinations and desires.”

Come down to the Sawmill Cafe in Eden Terrace (across from Horse and Trap) and join this event – discussion of the book followed by further application of the book’s ideas to real-world problems.

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