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27th February 2009
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Before I retire to dreamland (should have gone to bed hours ago, but that’s the internet fo ya) I want to share a cool experience I just had on Google Chat.

I chatted with Peldi, creator of Balsamiq Mockups which I’ve been using every day for the past 30 days at work to do Interaction Design. It’s a great app that simulates sketching without having to use pen and paper; they call it a lo-fi mockup application but it’s much more than this. It’s such a versatile tool that I’d say it helps me think!

High praise from a person who is generally known for being ADD.

Anyway, after chatting with Peldi directly I’m inspired to somehow get him and his wife to New Zealand to speak in Auckland and possibly Wellington (is there an Interaction Design community in Christchurch/South Island? Let me know!). I know the interest is there, I’m just trying to get some sort of sponsorship system together to make it happen.

Interesting how I’m really good at setting up business deals that don’t put money in my pocket. 😉 Maybe I’m an altruist and I should just get used to that and own up to it?

In any event, let me know your ideas/thoughts. Let’s make this happen!


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