GoSquared gives you real time data on your users

13th November 2011
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If you’re looking into tracking your user data on your website in realtime, look no further than GoSquared.

Google launched Realtime back in September, and while it’s part of Analytics it’s fairly limited in features and data. GoSquared gives you heaps of data! I’m going to give you the highlights, and then the one drawback that exists that the developers are working on fixing.

A user arrives on your website right now, do you know anything about them or even if they are there at all? GoSquared tells you this and more.

First, some of the things you can track:

  • Computer operating system
  • Computer screen size
  • Their location (which also displays on a very beautiful map of the world)
  • Their ISP
  • Map their location. You can also use the Map to: Plot any realtime data that has an ip address associated with it on the Map.
  • Trends (See data for the day, week, month or year for some or all of the data widgets in the control panel):
    • Pageviews
    • Pageviews per Visit
    • New/Returning Visitors
    • Top Landing Pages
    • Top Pages
    • Referrers
    • Traffic Sources
    • Browsers
    • Platforms
    • Screen Resolutions
    • Top Exit Pages
    • Search Keywords
    • Search Queries
    • Locations
    • Languages

What is all this good for?

  • Running live events and tracking your users in real time
  • Running live landing pages and proving results
  • Managing yours or other websites day to day and seeing trends with people and arriving to your site. Is your marketing working? If not, how can you improve it? GoSquared can give you details on this.

GoSquared does not…

The only thing really useful that GoSquared does not yet do is reporting; you can’t export data from the app that you’ve collected. However, you can view and screenshot the Trends and come up with great answers around your website and its users. I’m told this is a feature they are working on right now.

GoSquared is best if you have a website or landing page that’s got some moderate to heavy traffic and especially if you want real time data on a landing page or marketing program. This is use I recommend it for most.

GoSquared rocks for realtime data

I used GoSquared for the IceIdeas Conference earlier this year and it proved invaluable for that live-streamed event: It was easy to see without having to wait 24 hours what effect the conference was having regionally and world-wide.

You can sign up right now for a free 14-day trial and monitor one website. It’s still free for that one website after that and just $9/99/mo for up to 10 websites. It’s worth it, and I highly recommend it.


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  1. Hi Geoff, great comments! I’ll have to review the API for exporting data, I assume this is for xml?

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