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16th April 2005
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I’ve got some sites for you guys to check out. The first is Studio Boss, the WONDERFUL freelance tracking app from Dennis Best. I downloaded it a few months ago, but now I’ve decided to follow my own advice: you can’t run a successful business without a database. Studio Boss is a great database program (based on FileMaker) that organizes all your projects, invoices and contacts in one easy to use package. You can import your contacts and integrate to Entourage or your favorite email program. SWEET!

There’s also Creative Bits. This site is AMAZING with tips and tricks. It’s the site that is the perfect companion to the Salon, with helpful tips for designers with a slight bent toward OS X as well. (Anyone out there still using OS 9? I booted up my laptop in 9 and realized I LOVE OS X.) You can’t beat CreativeBits for pure usefulness.

CreativePro is another fantastic source of information for designers. They even have an email newsletter to keep you completely up to date at all times. I managed to get these guys from the northwest involved with Y-Conference (you may have seen their ad on the stage projection screens at Y-Conference) and they have lots more tips and tricks. Information that’s helped me the most are the articles on freelancing and how to deal with clients. Design is really translating relationships into visual creativity–ah, another Salon topic for next time. 🙂

Another favorite site of mine for the OS X side of things is Ever have a problem with or question about Mac OS X? This is the site for you! I’ve been going to this site since July 2002 and it never gets old.

Are you looking for more freelance work? Check out Craigslist and select your area to see daily postings for designers. I got my biggest client to date from this site and it’s free. What more could you ask for?!

So, enough of my ramblings. What are some of your favorite sites?

Till next time, keep on doing what you love. 🙂


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