Y-Conference X is said and done

3rd April 2005
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Another Y-Conference is said and done, and I have to say it was FANTASTIC! I learned a lot and met a bunch of great folks (I added everyone I met to this Salon list, so feel free to post and participate!)

Some highlights: Lots of great speakers and inspiration. I feel now like I have some more focus and direction for what I want to do with visual communication/graphic design and feel recharged enough to carry it out. The after-party at Airport Lounge was stellar. Thanks to Sarrah, Chris, Eva, Aaron, Bryan, Megg and everyone else who were there to celebrate. Loved seeing the planes fly overhead!

So how do we keep this energy level up? Well, I suggest posting anything you’re designing that you want help with, any job you need or have heard of or whatever your thoughts are about Y-Conference or design in general. Aaron, I want to see all your pics, so post a link when they’re up, kay? 🙂

I will start off by posting a beta version of my business card. It’s in dire need of an update, so let me know what you think. (I’m posting the old one too so you can compare.) I will brace for impact but hope to learn from any insights anyone else has that I can’t see yet. 🙂

Here’s the biz cards for you to critique:
[Sorry, these designs are so old I deleted the links. Yuk.] 29/2/09


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