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18th October 2011
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The BizDojo is a Business Ecosystem
The BizDojo is a Business Ecosystem

The BizDojo is located in the Ironbank building on K-road; it’s a beautiful rusted space (I’m quite partial to it for obvious reasons because my biz name is Dirt and Rust)

Business is changing rapidly from the old brick-and-mortar solid structure to the more fluid “modular” model. The BizDojo is a business ecosystem that fosters project-based work where the relationships take time but the projects are accomplished by organising the right combination of individuals at the right time to get work done.

Everyone benefits, everyone participates and effort is multiplied. Many hands make light work, as they say.

It’s an amazing and agile model and I’m just here on my first day getting a feel for it. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Get enough smart people together and amazing things happen; this is then repeatable and dependable
  • Talented people can be part of a collective and yet not lose their own identity
  • The group benefits because it provides an ecosystem for the individuals to thrive an can then call on them to provide their services at a moment’s notice

This all started with a tweet, then a phone call, now I’m in the thick of it checking things out and seeing where I fit; what I can do for the hive mind. Proof positive it practices what it preaches!


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